Although this site is fairly new, we have decided to move to merge with an existing hosting site.  The entries will remain the same, only we will have more control over the appearance of our site.  You’ll now be able to find us at


Dividing Buildings

We just donated some screen prints to the 4×6 for Riverspace Art Exhibit and Party, and we liked the idea so much that we wanted to post them for sale in our shop.

So here’s the scoop.  We’ve taken our screen prints that were not perfect and divided them into 4 x 6 screen prints, and now we’re selling them in sets of three. Because these are taken from original screen prints and cut after the ink has dried, no set will ever be quite the same.


My recent visit to NYC inspired some new ideas.  These are merely a few of the buildings that may make an appearance in our next creations.

The Urbanature Way

There is a world that surrounds me that I did not grow up seeing.  It’s all of the busyness of life that everyone in the cities sees.  I grew up in the rural Midwest, so we had wheat fields and gravel roads outside my home town.  This means that I have an appreciation for both worlds, and that is why I began this new venture, called Urbanature.  I wanted to create a world that shares life the way I see it.  I get torn between the hustle and bustle of the urban world and the stillness that you can find in nature.  Of course, if you look, you can find stillness anywhere you go.

OK.  You’ve heard enough.  Get to the point.  Right?

Basically, what I’m trying to say with this new space is that I have a new world that I’ve created based on the observations of the world that surrounds me.  It’s called Urbanature.  Here I will share the items that I create based on that world.  And I will also give you a sense of the things I see that inspire me.